Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 DVD Report

Print: Good - Sound: Good - Label: Anchor Bay - Year: 1985 - Cover: OK - Format: 16:9 - Length: 1h26m/1h24m - Before: No - Again: No - Price: £1 - Rating: 5.5/10.

In The Hills Have Eyes Part 2, a group of bikers, including some of the survivors from the original film, embark on a journey to test a new kind of bike fuel in the desert, and park close to the location of the incidents from the first movie.

Some of the group are attacked by survivors from the first move, and its all very predictable from here!

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 features something I really didn't like, 5+ minutes of clips, showing events from the first movie, that are pretty pointless - yawn! Overall the last 15 minutes weren't so bad, the rest was pretty dull

Here is the trailer...

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