Saturday, 5 March 2011

Dark Skies DVD Report

Print: Good - Sound: Good - Label: Sony - DVDs: 5 - Year: 1995 - Cover: Good - Format: 4:3 - Length: 18x45m - Before: Yes on TV - Again: Maybe - Price: Present - Wiki Link - IMDB Link - Region: 2 - Rating: 6.5/10.

This 1996 series Dark Skies, this was an American UFO conspiracy theory-based sci-fi drama series that aired 1996-97 for 18 episodes, riding on the back of the success of the X-Files.

What made this series differant is it based every story on a true event from 1960s US history and its a real shame there wasn't a second series. Episode 18 left us 1n 1967 with the lead character and his baby son stuck in space on an alien mothership, the lead baddie had stolen a new identity, an unheard of person called Charles Manson, his wife is possessed by an alien parasite they can't remove, and the Majestic 12 security chief is an alien agent too. And we will never know the outcome :(

Overall a fantastic series, well worth watching the 18 episodes, and the original pilot is an extra on DVD 5 also

Here is the intro...

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