Wednesday, 27 April 2011

4 Quick DVD Reports, Nothing Thrilling

Phil Tufnell Tuffers on Tour Live - OK I admit it, I wasn't aware Phil Tufnell was the winner of a reality TV show, or a cricketer, but he is still interesting, but he hasn't a DVDs worth of material, its well under an hour long too! I only paid 20p so I guess I can't moan!

Malice in Wonderland - The thing about Danny Dyer is he is in some really good movies, but will agree to do anything it appears, like City Rats and this piece of crap!

Largo Winch Deadly Revenge - The back says ENGLISH, the movie is 95% French, I turned it off after 20 minutes, crap and FRAUD! Not worth the 50p I paid for it

Frost/Nixon - The best of this lot, I normally like movies like this, but it didn't hit the spot, could have been a lot better :(

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