Monday, 15 August 2011

Heroes Season 4, Fringe Season 1, & Love Thy Neighbour Season 4 DVD Box Sets

Three off the internet have arrived;

Heroes Season 4 (£10), Fringe Season 1 (£10), & Love Thy Neighbour Season 4 (£3.99) DVD Box Sets.

All where new and shrink wrapped.

I have bought Heroes 1-3 (still in mail) and I need Neighbour 2 & 3 for the complete run of 8 seasons too.


  1. OMG they brought out 'Love thy Neighbour' on DVD?! I'm surprised. It has quite the reputation. I only remember it from childhood and seem to remember the obnoxious white character, while using offensive terms a lot - was the main butt of all the jokes while his wife was all level-headed, sensible and non-racist.

  2. LTN is really funny and the racist guy always loses, i just need season 2 and 3 (when they are cheap) then i have all 8 :)


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