Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Getaway DVD Report

Print: Good - Sound: Good - Label: Warner Brothers - Year: 1972 - Cover: Good - Format: 2.4:1 - Length: 1h58m/1h56m - Before: Yes on TV - Again: No - Price: 40p - Rating: 6.5/10.

In The Getaway, master thief Doc McCoy (Steve McQueen) knows his wife, Carol Ainsley McCoy (Ali MacGraw), has slept with the local politician in order to free him from jail, but is unaware of the series of double-crosses that will sour the deal once he's out, and the robbery he has to do.

Its a race to Texas perused by everyone wanting to kill Doc, resulting in a huge gunfight, but who will survive?

Considering The Getaway is an old movie, its still very good, my only criticism is its a little slow in places and needs tightening up :) Recommended!

Here is the trailer...

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