Thursday, 29 October 2009

Catacombs DVD Report

Print: Good - Sound: Good - Label: Lionsgate - Year: 2007 - Cover: Good - Format: 16:9 - Length: 1h29m/1h24m - Before: No - Again: No - Price: £1 - Rating: 5/10.

The background to Catacombs is, below Paris there are a 200-mile labyrinth of limestone tunnels, lined with the bones of 7 million people - OK this is a good start!

On her first trip to Paris, Victoria (Shannyn Sossamon) goes to a party held in the Paris Catacombs, but becomes separated from her friends, and finds someone or something is stalking her. This is where it gets very dull, a total yawnfest. They had a great idea for a movie (and the catacombs really are there!). And the twist at the end is so predictable it could have been written be a 12-year-old. Don't bother with this rubbish!

Catacombs stars the pop star Pink, who isn't too bad, but doesn't save the movie!

Here is the trailer...

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